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TW Land P&D provides cost-effective and timely project management and planning/ environmental solutions for the real estate/ land development industry.  

Based upon our many years of land development experience and in-depth research and analysis, we advise our clients in the initial due diligence and acquisition of real properties.  

TW Land P&D expertly manages the acquisition, planning, design, entitlement, and permitting of land development projects.  As requested by the client, we also provide critical support/coordination services for project construction and/or disposition.  

We seek to identify early in the development process any possible environmental concerns, title issues, and/or political constraints, as well as opportunities, that may affect a proposed project and frame our development efforts through that lens.  

We work closely with our clients to better understand their specific goals in order to provide results.  We provide effective representation and advocacy of our clients’ projects and their development/ investment objectives.  

Although real estate/ land development consulting is our primary business, we are open to entertaining joint venture land development/ investment partnerships. 

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